IFWORLD can build just about any custom service solution to help you solve most any problems you may face in your business.


One of our most popular service offerings is migrating clients to virtual environments, both from the Unix and Windows platforms. At the end of 2012 we completed an expansion of our data center offerings with a new resource pool allocation in a SSAE16 compliant Tier 3 data center.  For those clients hosting web sites and applications that fall under mandatory security reviews, we can now migrate you to your own secured virtual server in our cloud. The advantages of the SSAE16 compliance it will make your audit processes much simpler. From the Microsoft Windows perspective, no longer do you need to worry about purchasing new server hardware or suffer server hardware crashes.  We can help migrate you into a virtual windows server so downtime is no longer an issue.  Call us or email to discuss how IFWORLD can use virtualization to help benefit your business.

Disaster Recovery

This is another host topic for a lot of our customers as data security and uptime becomes more important than ever.  IFWORLD has several options to help your business complete a full disaster recovery scenario from simple offsite data replication to complete DR redundancy and fail-over servers.  By leveraging multiple types of technology, we can help find the right solution for your business to provide you with optimal implementations for security purposes.  Call us today or email for more information.

Web Presence Creation

At IFWORLD, we still provide a businesses with the ability to develop a more refined and broader web presence. Whether that be through award-winning designs, incorporation of new technologies (i.e. HTML5, CSS3) or by just simple usability updates based upon user browsing data. IFWORLD has always been a strong force in the web design/web usability realm, and it continues to be one of or main areas of emphasis. Call us today, email us at or send us a request through our contact form for more information.

Mobile App Development

More and more clients are beginning to understand the importance and the urgency with which they need to have a “mobile presence”. At IFWORLD we try to take a good evaluation of what types of services your business provides, and then try to provide you with a clear understanding of how to create a “mobile presence”. This could include the development of a native iPhone, iPad or Android app, or this could simply entail the development of a mobile-friendly website. Call us today or email for more information.

Content Delivery Network

The Internet marketplace is becoming more and more competitive and the time that you have to grab a potential customer’s attention with your website is growing shorter and shorter. In the Twitter-centric world, there is no longer a 10 – 15 second delay in getting information to a customer through your website. As a business you now may only have a couple of seconds before your potential customer is distracted by something shiny and new and heads off to your competitor’s website. That’s where Content Delivery Networks (CDN) come in handy. A CDN takes your existing website and spreads it out on multiple server locations around the globe. This only helps to mitigate the time spent loading your website as the site is served up from a server closest to your customer. Not only does a CDN help speed up the load time of your website, but it can also protect you from, to some extent, application-level denial of service attacks. Call IFWORLD today or email us at for more information.

Nimble Storage SAN

First, for those who aren’t familiar, the acronym SAN stands for Storage Area Network.  We became certified Nimble Storage Partners in late 2012. Nimble provides some of the most advanced SAN’s on the market at a price point comparable or less than its competitors. The combination of its new in-line compression and SSD caching creates a hybrid solution that other vendors can’t match for I/O throughput.  If your organization currently has SAN’s in place or are looking to add one in the near future for storage needs, virtual servers, VDI, etc.. please give us a call or email and let us show you all the particulars of the Nimble Array lines. (As part of our disaster recovery services, we are working to finish a Nimble Disaster Recovery array. This array will be complete with stand-by Virtual Machine hosts in the coming weeks).